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2015 tSSL - Taiwan Solid State Lighting

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OVERVIEW The 9 th Taiwan Solid State Lighting (2015 tSSL), organized by Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) will be held 3/25 ~ 3/26, 2015, at Taipei World Trade Center Nangang Exhibition Hall. This event, including two days of keynote and technical lectures, as well as?in conjunction with the Taiwan International Lighting Show, gathers talents and experts actively engaging in R&D and manufacturing of the Solid State Lighting.? We anticipate that the 2015 symposium will be successful as the topics covered are pertinent to leading-edge technologies of Solid State Lighting, as well as the aspects of new challenges, production and applications. The technical subjects include: Emerging Lighting Why the tSSL is more than a conference ? tSSL offers unparalleled networking opportunities. Over the 2-day period, conference attendees can access the Taiwan Int'l Lighting Show 2015, in addition to the Conference programs. The tSSL Symposium has become the platform of exchanging the main concerns and the latest development across Solid State Lighting. We sincerely invite you to discover the wealth of SSL in this Symposium, and look forward to meeting you at?2015 tSSL.